Thursday, December 20, 2007

Getting Used To My Work

Seems to me like I haven't posted a new blog entry since my previous post last 3 days ago, ne. I admit, it's a pretty tough and tiring job as an attendant: assisting the customers, watching the whole area for some suspicious people doing stupid movements which would lead to stupid robberies (y'know... keyboards, mice, headsets, and in worst cases... a RAM stick), doing some encoding on customers' documents, printing their encoded documents, and when it's time to close we were doing some major cleaning first. Three days have passed since my first day of my job... I'm getting used to this kind of work already, and I think I'm doing just fine.

There were tough times where there are too many customers to attend to, like what happened yesterday (as of this writing). Ruth, my partner, was busy tending to two customers who wanted their documents printed and photocopied, while I was busy receiving complaints from customers that the PC units they're using suffered lags and hangs that they wanted to transfer to other PC units available. Incoming customers are getting more and more, and the two of us are getting frantic on our jobs.

But overall, I really had fun on my work. Weird, isn't it? Actually, I wanted to get busy on things that I want and love to do. My job as an attendant is one of them. The other is being an owner of my very own internet cafe, but that could take a very long time before my parents have enough capital for it, since they wanted to have their own business.

Oh yeah, the plans for a new branch of Metrohub netcafe in Mt. Apo St. was abandoned coz the rent for a room space is pretty much expensive, that they have to find another location. Actually, they've already found one: Centerpoint Plaza. Opened last week, the room is being extended so they can put up more PCs there.

As for the Stepmania simfiles I'm currently working on, I still have enough time creating/adding/editing stepchart for those songs, but it's not like before when I can finish 2-3 songs per day. As usual, I don't have plans on releasing the songs I've already finished working on.

Well, that's it for today. Gotta enjoy myself playing DarkRO while I still have time before my shift. :D

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