Tuesday, June 3, 2008

So Many Things Happened, So Little Time: Part 1

Wow.... talk about 5 months since my very last post. @_@;

Anyway, many things happened during those past months, but it'll be a veeeeeeeeery long post if I elaborate it one by one and I forgot some of 'em, so I'll try to remember as much as I can and summarize if too long. Aight, here we go!

Last December, just a week since my first job at Metrohub netcafe, I enjoyed a 3-day Christmas vacation. But a day before that, we had a X'mas party a beach resort (forgot the name). It was ok and had fun, although I didn't get a chance to swim since I didn't bring extra clothing with me. But what I don't forget that time is that our manager asked me for a billiard match: whoever loses gets to drink 1 glass of Fundador..... doom on me. >.<>


Aite, that's it for now. Gonna play Granado Espada now (still on lvl 82 and struggling to reach lvl 92 so I can join CW). Part 2 will be tomorrow. Until then, enjoy reading! :D

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