Saturday, December 15, 2007

Non-Stop RO fun.... again :D

Yep, I'm playing Ragnarok Online again mostly due to boredom. I'm currently out of ideas for a good stepchart on some of the anime songs, which makes my head hurt when I force myself to think more. My friend & former classmate named Ralph recommended me to play DarkRO last week, and this time he got the client needed to play last two days ago.

Speaking of DarkRO, it's different from other private servers, coz they made very unique custom classes based on Star Wars:

* Padawan
* Jedi
* Sith

Not only classes, but there are custom maps and quest for players to experience and enjoy. I haven't tried any of those classes yet, but it's worth checking out for myself since I'm also a fan of Star Wars. Those guys are DarkRO sure made one helluva good job on this one. Really, so far I haven't seen any private servers aside from DarkRO where there are custom classes. If there is one, maybe I haven't seen it yet. BTW, there are two servers: "DarkRO Force" for PK (Player Killable) type, and "DarkRO" for non-PK type.

I currently have one character in DarkRO Force, a high wizard. I don't have problems leveling up during my first job. But when I reached 2nd job, some of 2nd job class players suddenly attacked me and got killed while I'm busy killing a monster! Damn... was I really that a threat at just 7o+ level? LOL :D Then I remembered what Ralph told me that I have to watch out for players who do nothing but picking on low-level ones, especially novices. In my case, the attacker was just intimidating me, asking for a duel. Good thing there's a command to turn the PK mode off. I can't be attacked, but I can't attack either. Anyway, I could care less about attacking someone since my character's not pretty much strong for dueling, and I don't pick on noobs, either.

Now that I think about what I said a few months ago that "I'll never play any online games again".... seems to me like I've just swallowed it whole last two days ago. lol :D

In other news....

Looks like my first day of being a attendant at MetroHub internet cafe will start at Monday. Ate Gene contacted me thru text yesterday asking if I'm interested to work with them or not. Since I haven't got a call from Makro yet, it looks like I'll take this job since I need money.... BADLY. But really, it's been like almost 3 months since they told me that their new branch will be ready and open for business. Does it really have to take THAT long? They said that they already purchased PC units, made the interior of the building neat and well-painted, and lots of things needed for an internet cafe. Oh well, I'll get those answers once I start my first day of work on Monday.

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