Wednesday, December 12, 2007

My Very First Entry

Finally... After 3 days figuring out the source codes of the blog layout of the template I chose and make a lot of changes/customizations, I can now start writing my very first blog entry. *whew!*

Alright! To start things up.... a little bit of me, my MIXI background, and why make a new blog:

I've already had a blog in MIXI
(or rather a "diary", as what they called it there), so I'm pretty used to this kind of thing. I've decided to have a blog "outside" MIXI community, since only MIXI members can view my blog. To be frank, I've already planned on having my own blog way before I joined MIXI (can't blame myself being simply forgetful *pokes myself on the head*). Speaking of MIXI, it's much like Friendster or MySpace but it caters for one specific target: Japan. Yep, the entire interface are all in Japanese, most of the members there are Japanese, and most of the topics discussed there are Japanese. Really, why would I bother signing up even though I'm not Japanese?

You see, I'm pretty active in Apricotweb, a japanese/english learning community since 2004 (I think). I've met a lot of Japanese friends, and even got an online sis named "Mizu" (can't tell ya her real name though) from Niigata. One time, they're discussing about "MIXI" and got curious about what it is. A regular chatter (forgot his name) encouraged me to signup using a online translation tool. The MIXI environment isn't much surprising though, but most of the regular chatters of Apricotweb are there, that they even created their own "Apricotweb" community there! I'm pretty glad I signed up coz I can still keep in touch with them even they're not online.

Come to think of it, it's been months since my last entry in MIXI. Actually, I get tired of writing (or typing) for some reason.... not only in blogs, but message boards as well. Maybe I'm not enthusiastic enough to write, or just being plain lazy. Anyway, I'll write as much entries here as I can, since this is one of many (or few) ways to brush up my english skills. (actually, I feel like I'm not confident in English nowadays... maybe bcoz my school days are now over? Hmm...)

Damn.... it's already 5am. I'm staying up late again.... *scratch* Oh well, since there's nothing much to write for today, guess I have to sleep now. *zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz*

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