Monday, December 17, 2007

First Day, First Embarassment >.<

Although my work shift is from 5pm to 1am (or up to 3am if customers want to extend more time), I did start my job for 15 minutes since the other attendant showed up 15 minutes late. Ate Gene texted me last 3 days ago, telling me to come on Monday at 10AM if I'm still interested in working with them. Well, I did show up, thinking that my working shift is on morning till afternoon, but Ate Gene told me a while ago that my shift is on evenings instead. Well, I got no problem with that, but Ate Gene told me that if the other attendant doesn't show up, I'll be accompanying with her for the rest of the day.

You see, MetroHub netcafe also offers photocopying at Php 1.50 per page. It's a pretty easy job to do, no matter how many pages customers want to have anything printed. The only (and most annoying) problem is that there's a time a customer isn't sure what kind of print style they want for their photocopies, and sometimes they'll change their mind just after I pressed the start button. And what's worse, we're up to a point of misunderstanding and confusion on what the customer wants. Oh yeah, we attendants get charged for the incorrectly printed pages. What a pain in the @$$.

There's a customer a while ago wanting to have a photocopy of his IDs (one of them is SSS, or Social Security System, a private insurance company). I just pressed the start button when he said that he wants his IDs printed "back to back". Ok, my very first mistake.... wait, doesn't that make it HIS FAULT? I mean, I was arranging the IDs so they'll be printed out nicely. He should be telling me what he wanted his IDs printed back to back while I was at it! He then said some crap talk like "that's ok, dude, no problem". Ha! "No problem" your @$$. Ok, this time, I did what he WANTS, then he told me to create 2 copies of it. It seems like he caught up just in time, alright! Just when the prints came out, he said that that's not "it". Ok, two more incorrectly printed pages on my possession... dammit! Wussup with that?! Make up your mind!! GAAAAAAAAAH!!! >.<>.<

Although Ate Gene didn't mind about it, I'm still worried what happened. Oh well, gotta live with it from now on. There's a saying about "learn from mistakes", and I bet I won't make the same mistake again. Hell yeah! I wonder if I won't make another mistake, though....

I still have 5 more hours to fool myself around at home, so I gotta make use of the remaining time. LOL :D

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