Sunday, April 25, 2010

Me and DJ Max Technika: Planetboom feat. Mike Blunck - Supersonic (PP)

Here's a video of me playing DJ Max Technika to the tune of Planetboom's "Supersonic", one of songs originally from S4 League, an action MMORPG game from Pentavision which is the same game company that created the DJ Max series. I told my friend who took this video to focus on me and machine, unlike the previous one that only focuses on the touchscreen in most of the video and the spectator screen as well. Sorry for the craptastic audio quality, as the Canon Powershot's built-in mic can't record audio properply if the audio source is a meter away.

BTW, I'm using a Sony MDR-XD200 HiFi stereo headphone. It may not be a DJ-quality heaphone, but it still gets the job done. :D


ken said...


I think you could've altered the bg sound to the mp3 file of Supersonic XD

Boris said...

waahhhh mali account ko lols. ako yung nasa taas XD

Dj Ash 1983 said...

Hmm... pwede rin. :D

Cge, mg-upload ako ulit nito, pero yung mp3 nitong kanta. Baka matapos ko mamayang gabi.