Thursday, June 17, 2010

I'm having second thoughs on whether I should enroll at STI or not

My DCET years (2005-2007) in STI-Davao was a memorable one to me. I've done so many good things back then, had a lot of fun, and felt like I've done my share/part of the whole STI community (I really won't forget about the experience of participating in a preparation for the STI National Youth Convention last 2007 with Roy, Lester, & Sir Ryan). Hell, I'm not even a part of the SSG, but they gave me an opportunity to participate with them. I never thought I could perform singing on the stage for an acoustic song (it's been 16 years since me and 3 of my fellow group members sang on the stage thinking of bringing the group back after disbanding a year back but it didn't happen). But with 2 of my classmates who stick with me for those 2 years (and they're damn good at playing guitar), it sure did (although I still suck at singing, lol). Oh yeah, "Outland Adventure" is one helluva fun! Can't forget the feeling of having to climb the ladder up to the wooden log post and stand there watching the whole area for a moment and feeling the wind, before I decide to make a jump and end the challenge of having fear with heights (of course I'm equipped with a vest with harness in it). OJT days were a lot of fun too, as I learned how to do your best at work while enjoying it. And sure it did: being an internet cafe attendant is a measly job for some, but I had lots of fun no matter how difficult it is (labor-wise). Speaking of OJT, the computer lab or Sir Ryan's office is where I most be hanging around, because when there's something to do with computer-related jobs, we took action... and having fun while at it. It really sucks to think that I'll be leaving this school & the people I met and hanging aroung with them for 2 years, and me and the whole DCET batch of '07 will be having our own separate ways. But nevertheless, I still graduated with a huge smile on my face, as it was a 2-year joyful ride.

2 years after, I decided to myself that I'm going to pursue the college course I wanna take, and that is a 5-year computer engineering course. Actually, the time I decided to go back to school, I really wanted to take up BSCoE, but since it wasn't offered that time, I took DCET instead. Now that STI-Davao offered BSCoE, I decided to enroll. I thought that it'll be the same fun school life as my DCET years.

Unfortunately, it wasn't.

The same faculty staff I knew were there, yeah. But some of the admin staff I knew weren't there anymore. I was even surprised that Sir Paul, the computer lab facilitator, resigned. There are less events, and usual STI events like Acquiantance Day and IT Week (rather, it was called "ICT day" because it was a one-day event instead of 3) were not as fun as what I got used to in my DECT years. I kept on saying to myself before that "there'll be a lot of things I wanted to do for those events", but a year later I ended up doing nothing. I mean, when you do something you like to do, you need someone to help you out to make it happen or you do it alone but can't make it happen, right? It was the latter: doing it alone, because I can't find anyone who would help me. I can't even seem to get along with some of the staff there. Maybe it's just me, but I'm having a hard time approaching the people around me when I need help. Oh yeah, I almost forgot that the class schedule is so screwed up, unlike before where it's totally organized

I still had fun in GENPSYC class, no doubt about it. But in school as a whole? Nah, it's not what it used to be when I was in DCET years. Maybe I'm expeciting and looking forward to it too much? Some guys (hell, even my parents) would probably tell me "the school is a place to learn, not to have fun" or "more on studies, less on other things". If that's the case, then I better off enrolling on other schools. But I chose STI, because that's where I've been. But it seems that you have to let go of your past and move on.

I'm having second thoughs on whether I should enroll at STI or not. There are better schools out there, after all.

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