Saturday, April 10, 2010

Me and DJ Max Technika: ESTi - Oblivion (PP)

Here's a video of me playing DJ Max Technika, attempting to break Al's current hi-score record of ESTi's "Oblivion". Though I got an "S" and a perfect combo (meaning I got a full combo with all MAXes and no COOLs), it still wasn't enough to break his record as I lacked more than 157 points. Oh well, gotta try again next time. :D

BTW, "PP" stands for "Popular Pattern", a term for a notechart of a song which can be played on Popular Mixing gameplay type, as DJ Max Technika has 4 gameplay types: Lite Mixing (Lite Pattern, easy difficulty level), Popular Mixing (Popular Pattern, medium difficulty level), Technical Mixing (Technical Pattern, hard difficulty level), and Platinum Mixing (Special Pattern, only for Platinum Crew members, must purchase a PC ID card to attain this gameplay type and machine must have an internet connection).

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