Thursday, April 1, 2010

My Very Own Customized Platinum Crew ID Card! :D

I should have posted about this yesterday but I'm kinda tired and sleepy that time.

Anyway, I finally got the front side of my Platinum Crew ID card replaced with a customized sticker, following the given guide here:

The difference is that I'm not the one creating the sticker... the custom sticker shop did it for me for P75 ($1.66). Too bad the overall quality of the print isn't quite good. Maybe I have to print my own printed sticker. The problem is the plastic coating the sticker shop used, as I don't have any idea about that and where to buy it.

Thanks for the people at "Dynamic. Enemy, Storm. Groove!" for the sticker guide. You guys are made of pure awesome! :D

Oh btw, the background pic I've used for the sticker is from ToraDora
's Taiga Aisaka. She's one of my favourite female characters, and is voiced by Rie Kugimiya, one of my favourite seiyuu (voice actor/actress) on the anime adaptation.

Here are the pics of the card. :D

The Platinum Crew ID card inside a plastic ID case with holes for an ID strap

Me and my customized Platinum Crew ID card for "DJMAX Technika".

On the other news, the headphone I wore on my neck as you can see on the third pic is a Sony MDR-XD200 which I bought it just for the game (since my previous Phillips SHP2000's headphone plug is busted twice already and the overall sound isn't as good as 5 years before i bought it). For P1,699 ($37.57), it's quite expensive than my previous one (P850, or $18.57), but for a headphone that is designed for home entertainment or PC use the overall quality is excellent. Oh ya, I LOOOOOOOOOOVE rounded circumaural headphones. :D


Boris said...

nice!!! i've been planning to create my own sticker but i still love my panda card lols XD

Dj Ash 1983 said...

Wala kasing panda cards dito sa davao eh. Ganda pa naman ng design.

Pero mas maganda sa akin, Taiga Aisaka a.k.a. Tenori Taiga (ng ToraDora!) yan eh, lol :D