Monday, February 16, 2009

Still Having Doubts on Joining The "e-Games Correspondents"

Presea PM me yesterday about joining the "e-Games Correspondents". It's an official E-Games community blog writing articles related to E-Games like game info/guides, event happenings, technical problems and solutions, etc.

Here's the full entry I posted on the site:

Character Name: DelaValliele (family name)

Game: Granado Espada

Server: All Servers (mostly in Rembrandt)

Your Gaming Blog (optional): Absolute Randomness ( -- not really a gaming blog, but I do post some Granado Espada related blog entries.

Why do you think you are qualified to be an e-Games Correspondent and how would this help the gaming community?

This is kinda difficult for me to write my reasons about joining this group, but I wanna let out my thoughts based on what I feel right now (as of this writing).

First of all, I'm neither a professional blogger nor a pro gamer. I'm only into blogging because I wanna let my online friends know about the events and experiences happening in my life that is worth writing: life at home or outside, school, work, etc. Gaming is no exception, either. As for gaming, I only play games, LAN or online, just to have fun and have friends but not really that competitive. I can be competitve if I wanted to, but not to that extent. I've tried and played most online games served inside and outside of the philippines, but Granado Espada is the only game that I played for a year; longer than other online games I've played.

Gaming is one huge part of my life. I've been into video games since my childhood days where Nintendo FamiCom was the hype of recreation before. Hell, I even cut classes on my highschool days just to play SNES (Super Famicom in Japan) and Playstation. 1997 was the beginning of my PC lifestyle by surfing the net at nearby netcafes (it was P75/hr that time, and there was no DSL that time). Then 1999 came and Starcraft & Counter Strike were popular games that time. Other game titles followed after. PS2 was released and played most game titles, including Metal Gear Solid 2 and Need For Speed Underground. I also played arcade games, but more into music/dance simulation games like Dance Dance Revolution and DrumMania. Online gaming went boom when LUG's Ragnarok Online, the philippine's first MMORPG, was launched as open beta. Of course me and my friends joined the hype. More online games and game service providers followed, like Mobuis Games (Gunbound and MU), NetGames (Flyff, Khan, Pangya), and, of course, E-Games (RAN, Audition, Supreme Destiny, O2Jam). I meet a lot of online friends, but as what a saying goes, "friends come and go". That never stopped me from playing online games though.

Looking back, I sometimes say to myself, "it would be great if I took time writing those events so I can live myself back to those times". I did have a journal, although in a MS word document format. Then I read about online blogging. I was hesitant on going along with it at first, but decided to give it a try. I made my first blog at MIXI, fully-japanese social community site much like friendster and myspace, ever since I was active at Apricotweb, a japanese-english learning site (and had japanese friends, too). Then I decided to have my own blog, which is currently named as "Absolute Randomness".

One of my favorites and longest blog entry was the "Davao Cyber Expo" where E-Games and other game service providers show their own stuff, as well as other well-known companies showing their PC techie stuff. That event really drove me to write a blog entry. Oh yeah, I do love going to local gaming events, especially E-Games events. I even remember joining Granado Espada's PVP tournament with my friend (and got pwned within less than a minute at the quarterfinals) during the "E-Games Evolution" event.

Now, some people here wants to join the group of correspondents because they have writing wkills, extensive knowledge on games served by E-Games, have the skills in handling PC and game technical problems/concerns, and other skills needed to become a good E-Games correspondent. I was like, "Wow... they really look promising. They could really help the entire E-Games community."

I got a PM from a friend of mine who encouraged me to join this group because she knew about me helping sGE Davao players, which is "valiant" to her. She's right though, I DO wanna encourage Davao players to play Granano Espada and help them as much as I can, as the game that I love is fading away from the netcafes around Davao city. But it seems that it isn't enough for a game to become popular again. Or more likely, I felt helpless. That's why up until now I'm still hesitant to join this group.

I do love Granado Espada. Hell, I even despised it during the open beta because of the huge PC requriements and, I have to admit, the game title is so "corny". But after I tried playing the game, I said to myself, "this is the game I've been looking for!". And because of my love of the game, I really wanna share it to others who haven't played the game yet, and help other players who already played it by any means like sharing client installers and dealing with technical problems/concerns. If writing a blog is one of many ways to share my love of the game, then I'll give it a shot.

I was like, "Whoa... I've done it again: a wall of text!". But since I want to let out my thoughs about it, I decided to post it anyway. :D

But even though I've already submitted my entry, I'm still having doubts on joining the community blog. Most of the people submitted their entries has higher standards on their motivations and objectives on joining than I am, thus having higher chances of being chosen. And most of all, am I really fit into joining that grand community blog? I'm not that good at comprehensive writing. Others has more knowledge in online games served by e-Games; I don't have enough of it. But I only know one thing: expressing my own thoughts, views, and concerns about what's happening on the online gaming community, especially related to Granado Espada.

Since I've already posted my entry, seems to me like backing off is not an option. *sigh*


DeSanggria said...


epic wall of text there. i suddenly felt like grabbing a kleenix or sumthing. xD

but srsly, write well. you should pursue it more. and since you love this game & you write well, wtf...grab eet by teh bollzzz!!!

LOL! but yeah, i meant what i said. ur good. so use yer talents well.

teh force is wif yeh! *salutes*

Dj Ash 1983 said...

Thanks for the compliment. :D

Dunno if I get chosen tho. There's too many of them! And with high hopes, too. >.<

I'll stick to mah favorite quote tho. :D

Maki said...

Nom nom wall of texts but heck i read em all, hope you can help out the peepz out tharr Ash.

As for me its a no for helping people here =P, well just an intro on what they do on MMO's (RMT/Bot/Dupe/Hack) so well lulz :D

as FL i giev joo moar powar for irl shet :3


Dj Ash 1983 said...

Heeeeeeeeey! Nice to see you posting here, Maki! *pats*

Ya, being a blogger ish no joke, but I wanna know how much help I can give to the GE players by writing an article or sumthin.

Thanks for teh heads up, btw. :D

DeSanggria said...

wat favorite quote? :3

i guarantee you be getting in. juz gif us teh spoils of yer rewards when ur in. ;) harharhar.

Dj Ash 1983 said...

My fav quote? SEEEEEEEEEEECRET! Nyahahahaha :D

I got this quote from a popular manga from Ken Akamatsu named "Mahou Sensei Negima" where Negi, the main character said to Asuna, her student:

"Magic isn't omnipotent. Real magic is that little bit of courage you have."