Friday, April 3, 2009

E-Games Just Screwed Me! >.<

Although getting sleepy, I bought GE300 from LoadCentral at 1AM yesterday (April 2, to be specific), since I'm almost out of G-Points. Thinking the card code was from IAHGames' GVC code, I logged in to IAHGames's passport to top it up. What I get was GVC code error, so this card code maybe an EP (E-Points for E-Games) one, so I logged in to E-Games' "My Account" section with my E-Games username and password. OK, time for some top up action!

I typed the card code and the pin correctly, and pressed the "send button". When I get the confirmation, I just saw 360EP credit... what the, I made a wrong top up! I accidentally topped up on E-Games topup instead of Granado Espada Top Up! Getting worried, I hurriedly filed a ticket. Got a reply, but it's not the reply I wanted. Here's the detailed reply:

4/2/2009 1:33:31 AM
Granado Espada
EP-GP Conversion
IAH Games Passport / Granado Espada Login Name: djash1983
Transaction Reference Number:
Problem Description: I accidentally topped up 300EP on e-games topup instead of EP-GP conversion thru granado espada top up. Can u do something about it? I don't want to waste my 300 pesos for a mistake that i didn't meant to. I forgot the transaction referencce number, but my card code is 5HE36329BE, which I bought it thru LoadCentral.


Email handled by e-Games Support Center

Agent Reply:

Date: 4/2/2009 7:35:51 AM

Hello e-Gamer,

Thank you for writing to e-Games Helpdesk, this is Kenneth assisting you.

With regard to your concern, I'm sorry to inform you that we don't have a service to convert successfully topped up e-points into g-points.

We at e-Games always welcome your inquiries, comments and suggestion/s.

And We’re inviting you to attend e-Games’ Domination III, our third year anniversary celebration and 2009’s biggest gaming event. Win great prizes, watch live tournaments of your favorite e-Games and X-Play titles and performances from GMA Kapuso Stars. See you there.

e-Games Helpdesk Team

NOTE: e-Games will NEVER ask for your password!
Protect your account by NEVER giving out your log-in name and password to anyone! e-Games Portal

What?! They can't do anything about already topped up EP? Wait.. what's with this? I admit that I made a mistake, but this is no reason for me to correct my mistake. We're only human, tend to make mistakes. I dig that they can't do about converting it to GP, but at least they'll give me a chance to top it up properly!

Now I wanna get some real answers. This time I tried using Live Chat system and talked to a Customer Service Operator named Samantha. Here's the chatlog:

Welcome e-Gamer! Your request has been directed to the Live Chat Support department. Please wait for our operator to answer your call.

Call accepted by operator Samantha. Currently in room: Samantha.

Samantha: HI! this is Samantha assisting you, how can I help you today?

djash1983: I just got this from e-games help desk:

djash1983: **ommitted, refer to the quoted post above**

Samantha: I would like to check your report, please provide me your ticket ID.

djash1983: BML-4bMGj-634

Samantha: Kindly wait for a moment.

Samantha: As I see on your report you said you accidentally topped up the e-points.

djash1983: yes

Samantha: I'm sorry also but we really don't have a service to convert it into g-points if you already loaded it into e-points.

djash1983: Then what should I do with the 300EP i accidentally topped up then?

Samantha: If you are playing other games of e-Games you can used to the e-points there.

djash1983: What if the only online game I play is Granado Espada?

djash1983: You see, if you guys are doing this kind of service, and someone topped it up by mistake...

djash1983: Then isn:t that called a "waste" already?

djash1983: I bought EP bcoz i want to topup for granado espada, just to buy barrack slots

Samantha: Actually I'll make a report about your concern, but for now I can't assure it to you if there will be a conversion of successfully topped up e-points to g-points.

djash1983: what's with the "I can't assure"? You mean we're stuck with useless EP if you can't do something about it?

djash1983: Hey, hey, it's still money, earned money from my job

djash1983: and you guys can't do something about it?

Samantha: We have to wait for the further announcement if it will be possible.

djash1983: WTH

djash1983: it was suppossed to be used for granado espada

djash1983: if this would be the case, then how about me topping up 2000EP for 70000 Gpts?

djash1983: and i accidentally topped it up, would you guys say the same thing u said to me a while ago?

djash1983: i'm planning on spending 2000 EP, but this would hold me back

Samantha: I'm sorry but we really don't have a service to convert your successfully topped e-points to g-points.

djash1983: then how would i get my 300EP back?

djash1983: don't tell me such things as use it on your games coz the only game i play so far is granado espada

djash1983: that's what made me purchase EP in the first place

djash1983: if you guys can't let your customers have assurance that their money is spend on games they love, then why bother having such service, anyway?

djash1983: having a EP-GP conversion yet we can't get our EP bcoz of a top-up mistake

djash1983: isn't that unfair already?

Samantha: I do understand your concern, but we really don't have a service to convert it into g-points.

djash1983: then how would I get my 300EP back? if i can get it back, then this time i'll top it up correctly

djash1983: a simple question

Samantha: For now I do suggest that you should file a new ticket and we will forward your concern to the e-Games management.

djash1983: Where?

djash1983: helpdesk?

djash1983: already sent one, yet i got that response

Samantha: At the e-Games helpdesk where you filed your first ticket.

Samantha: Please file a new one and indicate your concern on how you can get you e-points back.

Samantha: Since you topped it up accidentally into e-points.

djash1983: Ok, I'll file a new ticket

Samantha: Is there anything else?

djash1983: nothing

djash1983: just my problem regarding getting my EP back

Samantha: If there will be no more questions, thank you for using e-Games Live Chat. Have a Nice Day!

Samantha has left the conversation. Currently in room: djash1983.

Is she serious?! She already got the idea that I play Granado, hence the Granado Espada Top Up, and she told me to use the accidentally topped up EP for games that I don't play! What the hell?? Instead of helping me with my problem, it looks like she's ditching my problem!

But for the sake of easing my worries, I filed a new ticket like she suggests. But exactly a day passed, I get no replies!

Feeling irritated, I almost got no appetite to play GE, so I logged out without even bidding goodbye to my friends and factionmates.

E-Games, what the hell should I do to get my 300EP back?! I bought 300EP with my money! 300 pesos is still big money! IT'S MY MONEY AND I WANT IT TO BE SPEND AND USE PROPERLY DAMMIT!!! It's like I'm throwing away my money for no reason or purpose! I got that money from my hard-earned work, so I have the right to complain about your crappy service!! Why doing EP-GP conversion if there are problems like this?!

If this won't be resolved, THEN I HAVE NO REASON TO BUY 2000EP FOR 70K GPOINTS!!




DeSanggria said...

hey ash, calm down.

if you're available in ym, pm me. let's talk. maybe i can help you with it. sayang din yung 300.

Dj Ash 1983 said...

I already posted my concern at the E-Games forum. Here's the link: still don't get any responses from E-Games admins/GMs/CMs.

2 days before the end of April and my problem still hasn't resolved. I won't be surprised if it takes years. But one thing's for sure: If there's a zero chance that my problem won't get resolved ever and if they won't fix their failed service, I won't trust E-Games anymore.

DeSanggria said...

the GE section in the egames forum is deserted. you better not post stuff there.

anyway, i'll check it out & forward this to aethrin himself. i'll prolly be able to get back at you next week, so chill for a while, ok?


Dj Ash 1983 said...

I see, no wonder I read so many complaints there yet no resolution is being done.

Whether my problem has been taken action or not, I don't think I can trust their services anymore. Once I see that their EP-GP conversion is 100% error-free and can avoid topup mistakes (no matter how careful you are, you're still prone to mistakes, we're humans after all), they can have my trust on giving my money to them.

But the way I see things on their services, by giving my hard-earned money to them and got nothing in return... I can only say one thing:

I don't think so.

Dj Ash 1983 said...

Wah, it's already 1st of May. I thought it's still April 28. Mheeeeen... time sure does fly fast. :D

Anyway, thanks for helping me, Presea. I really appreciate it. Ur one of teh coolest persons in sGE community. :D