Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Having A Sideline Job Rockz! :D

Lol, it's been a while since my last entry. Or rather, I've done it again: too lazy to write a blog. Anyway...

Just got my pay from getting two PCs back to its good condition. Really, it was one helluvah work:

* Getting the display to work: Looks like a PCI-E slot is kinda loose for the vid card to fit in. Just enough dose of vibration on the card and you're in for some serious trouble... getting the mobo to detect the vid card.

* Stupid virus: Ever heard of a joleebee virus? It's much like SoWar, but in a more annoying way. Why? Coz before "Welcome" shows up, a window dialog pops up, greeting you with a message full of gibberish. Also, if you think SoWar can be eliminated easily, not this one. Even if you attempt to install any antivirus software in teh net, teh stupid virus automatically closes the window if the contents are the installer files of teh antivirus! Regedit? Gone. Folder Options? Hidden. Task Manager? Nada. MSCONFIG? I don't think so. Safe mode? Forget it! The only way to get rid of it is to reformat the HDD. Nuff said. Oh yeah.... two units suffered from it, all bcoz of a USB flash drive which teh files prolly came from a small-time netcafe. Sheesh.

* Games.... LOTS of games: The only way to please the kids is to give them a lot of toys to play with. In my case, I have to load both PCs up with lots of PC games, be it classic or close to latest. Added online games and kids' nagging into the mix, and I get 2 day trip to their house just to finish 'em. But seeing the kids' smile on their faces when they play those games makes me feel good emotionally.

When I was working on a netcafe before, I get Php 1,500 on a payday which is every 15 days, while I get the same amount on just 3 days. Wow... never imagined I get this much on a sideline job. My plan was to charge me Php 2,000 for it but since I'm kinda fresh to PC dagnostics/repair, that amount is kinda expensive for them. But still, having a proper job is the best way to earn money though. Now that I resigned from my job (and saved a lot from it), guess I have to wait for someone to call me for another techie service.

Still, having a sideline sure rockz, man. Even more cooler than that is if I decide to end my long break and find another job, a technician-related job, that is. :D

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