Friday, February 13, 2009

3x The Events, 3x The Fun! :D

This day really made me happy. First up....

I've been woke up by knock on teh door. My mom told me there's a call from someone who needed me for a PC troubleshooting. Turns out to be uncle Jonard, one of my "clients", if you may, who is asking me for a lookup on 2 PCs at their office: one that the monitor suddenly turns off, and the other won't display at all. Easy on the other one, but the other really made me worked up. Turns out there's a problem on the power supply part, specifically on the power cable outlet. I told them how to turn it back on by pulling and pushing back the power cord socket to the monitor's power outlet. Then uncle Jonard noticed something lacking: a printer for the other PC. We bought one at a local PC shop, brought it back to teh office, and I'm the one installing the printer's cables and ink cartridges. After that, I finally got the pay. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAI! XD Now I have a reason to buy another GVC card! :D


The "[GCR In-Game Event] Win A Date With a Troll" day 2 is also as fun as day 1. This time, Presea (a.k.a. DeSanggria in sGE) joined teh event and gave Maki (a.k.a. Straightener in sGE) lotsa chocos! I thought Sinacy (a.k.a. Darjeeling in SGE) would pwn the rest of us on the event. :D Nzi wansn't able to attend the 1st day of the event, so I'm glad she had time on the 2nd day. Me and Maki thought there would be more voters on the 2nd, but it turned out to be lesser than the previous. During the event, we had a lot of funny things like doing a lot of poses from our characters, taking screenshots, and chatting random stuff. Oh yeah, gotta love poking fun on Nzi and Presea's female characters in a pervie way, nyahahahaha :D Imma SOOOOOOOOO evul! XD


Presea is on a FrogFish hunt to help her friend finish the FF quest. Maki and Al (Vashal in sGE) decided to come along, so I thought it would be fun to go along with them as well. Good thing my main characters are all veteran levels. And most of all, I'm a bit curious on why most players are having a hard time finishing the FF quest. Turns out that it's one helluvah monster to beat up. I mean, we have 8 (or 9, can't quite remember) on our squad but managed to kill the FF in 5 minutes! Not just 1 FF, but 4 of them! The swamp FF is the longest to beat in more or less 8 minutes. It was a bit disappointing though, since I have a lot of quests to catch up before proceeding with the FF quest. But it was still fun. At least I made Al piss off about him scaring Presea, hahahahaha :D Just kidding, Al! :D

That's it for now. I'm sooooooooooooo hungry now! *opens teh cabinet for canned goods for supper* :D

Update: Here's a group screenie from the event:
From left to right: GCResidents (Desmond), DeSanggria (Presea), Straightener (Maki), DelaValliele (Dj Ash 1983), and Vashal (Al)


DeSanggria said...

you better gimme those screenies of my elem's upskirt shots, perv. *glares* was so much fun. i r almost broke, but fun nonetheless.

at this rate, i might be able to take my first step in zeia, all thanks to this naisu event of your faction (& to my "prodigal husband" *gags*, Vashal).


Dj Ash 1983 said...

Lol, never expected for a comment. (Maaaan, that's a first!)

Anyway, sori I dun haz teh upskirt screenies, lol. :D I only haz teh group screenies, instead. O shetz, I forgot to post that one! Tsk, tsk, tsk... Imma gettin old. ._.

Try to finish teh Zeia quest. You can do it, show j00r gurl pawaa! And as always, we GCR trolls will back u up, like we did in putting an end to FF's misery. XD

DeSanggria said...

already done with teh quest (requiem & gavin). your old man made sure i finished it all. i think i triggered selva's quest already & he wanted us to camp for dr. fran in assize (with spawn time 2 hrs wth).

he's really into quests isn't he? XD

nevertheless, i owe him a debt of gratitude. fakken got a return on the millions of vis i spent on those darn chocos. hahahaha!

btw..your photobucket link is busted. :p

thanks again to your insane faction. see yah in teh game! :3

Dj Ash 1983 said...

Reuploaded teh pic. Forgot that I moved it to another folder the time I was organizing the images. :D