Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My 2nd DJMAX Technika Platinum Crew Card: "The Clear Blue Sky" Theme

BEHOLD!! My 2nd DJMAX Technika Platinum Crew card: "The Clear Blue Sky" theme! :D

I bought it on the first week of April (coz I can't remember exactly the date when I bought it), as it's the only card with that theme in stock. Actually, that card should have been my very first card but "Come To Me" and "Fury" are the only themed cards left, I decided to buy "Fury" instead (and later put on a sticker with a customized design with an actual Technika layout but had a background of my choice, which is a pic of Taiga Aisaka from "ToraDora!", in it).

I should have posted this as early as I got the card, but I kinda forgot about it. Silly me. :D


2DB0y said...
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2DB0y said...

Hi, i don’t know how to say this…after hours of looking for dj max technika 1 ic cards i finally found something…i’m a huge fan of dj max technika and i’m looking for technika ic cards like the one is on your blog…i’m from Perú and unfortunately there’s only one machine here and i can’t find ic cards to play…i was wondering if you are considering selling your card…i will really apreciate it…i hope you read this message, greetings from Perú!!