Thursday, July 22, 2010

Response To Ripclaw

Yo Rippy, if you stumbled here means you already read my post on Aunt Agony. As I promised, here's my reply on your post:

First of all, don't involve other CCs in this. I made the 1st constructive post with my own point of view, my own reactions, my own judgement, my own knowledge, and my own feelings regarding the situation. As for the 2nd post, that may be over the top (I mean, including me as "IAH Dogs" despite trying to be as neutral as I can... are you kidding me?) but I still want to express my feelings nevertheless. Other CCs have their own views, I have mine. And I made those 2 posts as a person and as a gamer, not as a CC. Although I've become a CC last sunday which is 2 days before my 2nd over-the-top post, if my posts makes you think I'm a wannabee CC, that's ok, it won't change my view of you a nice person. But don't generalize CCs, old or new, as wannabees, because of my 1st 2 posts. Those are from my own, not theirs.

Second, about this line you said:

This is the forum and as CC i think you were tasked to communicate problems to the higher ups not to suppress frustrations vented if it doesn't violate forum TOS. People get discouraged to speak freely if you guys gang up on someone who dares to stand against bad service.

I made the 2nd over-the-top post as a reply to Beuolves' line "Ok you win IAH dogs". Isn't that plain blunt sarcasm already? Yeah, there's a bit sarcasm on my first post but not really that "getting too far". And what's with that CC duty reference? I'm only been a CC last Sunday. I mean, I didn't know that helping as many players as I can in terms with technical assistance for the past few year earned me a priviledge to become a Tech CC. But am I expecting or did I expect to become a CC? NO! I know what's right and what wrong, and I know what to do or not to do, even though I'm not a CC the time I posted those 1st 2 posts. Am I doing the right thing? That depends on your view. Did I regret posting it? Hell no. Those were based on my feelings. Why would I have to keep it to only myself?

Don't worry, you won't see sarcastic posts from me from now on. Only constructive and direct posts, even if it means criticizing every forumers' actions.

Third, this one:
People get discouraged to speak freely if you guys gang up on someone who dares to stand against bad service.

I don't know about other forumers since they can say what they want no matter how IAH staff and moderators keep on reminding them to refrain from doing immature/childish/irrational posts. But since you're aiming at me (well, you mentioned my name already), I'll make it one thing clear:

Don't put me in the same level as those forumers who shamelessly keep on telling their own fellow players to quit just because they "whine" and/or "complain".

Really, who doesn't get frustrated over a bad service? I don't think anyone would get over a bad service, wouldn't they? I understand you, I understand Beuolves, I understand EVERYONE who suffered from severe lags/disconnects due to server move. I don't know about Beuolves's retaliation over IAH's screwups on him, not until I saw a link to his sig and read the whole scenario. Oh yeah, since we're talking about so called "IAHed scenarios", why don't we add Nzi to the equation?

Let's see....

Beoulves' struggles against IAH.... check.

Nzi's struggles against IAH.... check.


What makes you think I didn't get a crappy service? Mind you, not only E-Games screwed me, SMART BRO-KEN also screwed me too! They didn't let me get a refund for a crappy internet interruptions/disconnections for 2 weeks already, not to mention the crappy slow internet connection. And get this: I signed up for a 380kbps connection and promised me that it'll go up to 512kbps burst speed but half a year after i signed up I mostly get 250kbps and below. I contacted their CS rep about that matter. And what did they say? "Sir, that is pretty fast already". ARE THEY KIDDING ME? And they still got the nerve to tell me to pay the remaining balance!

I'm like Beoulves, I'm like Nzi, I'm like everyone who experienced bad service from a company who we really expect to give us good customer service. We wanted compensation for the inconveniences they've caused to us. I know that both Beoulves and Nzi experienced bad customer service before and never got any compensation (correct me if I'm wrong).

But the "lags/disconnects due to server move" situation is different: they asked us players for an understanting and patience for the inconveniences caused by that problem, and that they're dealing with the situation and trying to solve the problem. And while they're at it, they'll give compensations. Problem still exists? Another compensation. That problem isn't impossible to fix, that's why IAH asked for your understanding. We have the right to complain, but they have also the right to ask for your understanding and patience.

E-Games gave up on me. IAH haven't given you guys up yet. Pretty simple.

And lastly:
And Ash wow, I didn't know you can get so feisty. Keep it going man, I've always felt you were the subdued kind of guy but hey, a little fang won't hurt.

And I didn't know how shallow you thought of me. Is that how you judge me? Is that all you know about me?

Newflash: I'm only human.

I don't know if there's sarcasm intended on it. But either way, if that's how you view about me, fine. Every person has the right to judge me anyway.

But really, you really have a good view of the story from those who affected by the problem. You even pointed out mistakes or wrongdoings from the posts of those who bash players that complain. I don't see anything wrong with your actions. Heck, it's admirable, y'know.

But, have you really made a good view about my own side of the story? Have you? Because from the looks of your post, I'm sorry to tell you that I don't think you did. Because if you did, you would never post something like that to me, and you would let Nzi understand that what she did to me before was wrong. But don't worry, I already get over it.

Yeah, I guess what you said that "I've always felt you were the subdued kind of guy" is true. Because you did subdue me. You just did.

For those who don't have any idea about what's going on about this entry, take a look back at the source of this first: Granado Espada forums - IAH you done it again!!!


Anonymous said...

Ripclaw directed me to this post. Obviously you ignored the email I sent you when you slammed me to the forum.

I've never done anything to you.

On the contrary you wronged me by trying to block me from making the computer issue a general one that should be resolved by IMC/IAH. I tried to mollify you by saying I appreciated all the tech support you give, but still you went on putting me down, making it look like I didn't know what I was talking about, and continuing to be insulted I didn't take your "advice" it was only my computer.

You were also wrong in your advice. My problem and everyone else's was solved by the next patch. Perhaps are problem would have been solved faster if you had let me consolidate the complaints on the forum.

Despite what you did to me, I never bashed you for it on the forum. Yet you chose to bash me.

I've also never taken the issue to my own blog, but here you are posting about me on yours.

You owe me an apology. Period.

Dj Ash 1983 said...

That's funny, I was expecting a reaction from Rippy, but I get a reaction from you instead.

I could care less about your struggles against IAH, but getting upset about my point over such issue? Putting you down? Felt insulted? Why? It's a discussion! An argument! You have your own views about the issue, I have mine. I never say i was right all along, but I felt that I was right that's why I posted my own view of the issue. But in the end, you give in to your frustrations and suddenly outburst. You just lost your cool there. And what's with that over-implication that you were right all along just because of a patch? I never said you were wrong all along, LOL. Oh yeah, what's wrong with citing you as an example? I mean, everyone knows who you are. Everyone knows your struggles against IAH. And yet why only reacting to me and not everyone elso who cited you as an example?

You know why I never replied on your email? You see, I have second thoughts about whether I would reply back or not. But with advices from my friends online and IRL, I decided not to. Oh yeah, I never post all/part of the content from your email outside my mail inbox. It only ensues more drama if I did that.

You wanna know the difference between us? You're oozing with pride. I don't have any, not even a single bit.

As of this writing, I just saw a post from someone who wrote a common saying "The world isn't supposed to revolve around you and you alone". The contents of your email and your post here in my blog looks like you want me to revolve around you. I rather revolve around someone else who is humble and with less pride. After all, I'm just a support-type character, and can't even become a main character.

Anonymous said...

I haven't been stewing at all. I maintained the impression that you were a nice guy who was just misunderstood what was going on during the crash reboot problems. As my friend it would have been nice if you had helped us create a united front on the forum (as Ripclaw tried to tell you by IM we were trying to do).

But I realized you misunderstood the situation and were upset no one was listening to your advice. Though it was patronizing and sexist of you to depict my attempts to get you to stop throwing "isolated case" at us as an "outburst" (which you repeat here), I left it alone and never thought the worse of you for it.

But now I see you are posting putdowns of me on the official forum, where you know I can't respond. That is what changed my impression of you.

Even then, I emailed you instead of lambasting you on my blog. Yet you blog publicly about me.

I was right all along not because there was a patch, but because the crash reboot stopped after the patch. There was a group of us in-game that had the same problem, and we know when it stopped. IAH has never admitted it or apologized, though all those hard reboots could have damaged our computers. Your "LOL" is what helps IAH take that position. As long as players are divided, and the players themselves are berating other players, IAH can just whistle and walk away.

I'm not sure what your definition of Pride is, but if it's something like Arrogance, I think you have defined it with your "Captain Obvious" and "Talksh*t" and the idea that people "wrong" you for not taking your technical advice.

I don't expect you to revolve around me: we are not friends. We have nothing to do with each other.

But be aware when you haul my name out in the open like that, you also become open to public criticism. I won't stoop to your level with the outright insults, but I will hold you accountable in your role as a CC. Giving your opinions is one thing, but trolling and belittling other forum members is unacceptable in that role.