Friday, May 1, 2009

Do I Get A Chance On Having My Own KORG Keyboard?

That would be a "yes". Actually, I'm hoping on this chance of having my own KORG keyboard someday.

We had a nice talk with BJ, my friend and former classmate of STI College, just a while ago (as of this writing). He had quite a success in his work at Edge Radio. We talked random things, but the main core of our conversation are two things:

1) He's willing to help me buy any keyboard I like for a low price from his friend who sells slightly-used devices from Korea.

2) He knows how to play the keyboard (and pretty good at it, too, since I saw him playing "Listen To Your Heart" so good that I can't help but compare it to the Roxette original), and he's willing to teach me anything.

There are other brands out there, and each of them has their own unique identity and features. Based on what I read at most internet sites and what I saw on most music instruments shops, there are 3 top brands: Roland, Yamaha, and KORG. Out of the three, I just can't help but to like KORG's lineup of music keyboards.

KORG has 5 categories on their keyboard/module lineup: Workstations, Synths, PA Series, Concert Pianos, and Pianos/Organs. My initial interest is the Korg X-50, which has the same instruments found on Triton series, but at an affordable price (since workstation keyboards are pricey). I do want to have my own KORG Triton Extreme, which is one of the best workstation keyboards from KORG, based on reviews from Musician's Friend, Harmony Central, and ZZSounds. The problem is, Triton Extreme is discontinued, replaced by KORG M3 series, which is 2nd to OASYS, the ultimate workstation keyboard which is KORG's flagship product. Seeing M3 as a successor of Triton series with more features, I can dig with it.

My current concern is that if they can find a slightly-used M3 for me (since it's pretty much newly released for me), and for how much. If they can't find it, I can dig on Triton Extreme (but I bet it's kinda hard to find due to the discontinuation of the product), or TR series. I just love touchscreens, so I hope they can find either M3 or Triton Extreme for me. If the price is beyond my reach, I'll prolly borrow some from my mom or dad. This is my only chance so I have to grab this opportunity while it's there.

I can't wait to get my hands on a KORG keyboard. :D Sorry, Yamaha & Roland.


KORG Triton Extreme
(Yep! The same keyboard that Tsumugi from "K-ON!" uses. See below.)



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